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About Us

In 2012 Beringer built a team in the US to meet the growing demand for high–quality, carefully–engineered aircraft wheel and brake parts. Trevor Burnette and the Greenville, SC based team stand ready to help you equip your aircraft with high-performing Beringer wheels and brakes. 


Beringer began manufacturing brakes for high-performance cars and motorcycles in 1985 but shifted exclusively to aircraft wheels, brakes, and landing gear in 2009. From their headquarters in the south of France, Beringer Aero provides complete kits of wheels, brakes, and landing gear for various types of aircraft (certified and non-certified).


While remaining dedicated to quality production, Beringer Aero also commits to sustainable development and respectful manufacturing. 

We respect the environment.

Beringer avoids using toxic substances and non-recyclable materials in the fabrication process. We sort our workshop trash before disposal and enforce and review our environmental awareness campaign.

We work hard to reduce energy consumption.

Beringer's specially-designed bioclimatic building (BBC) made of local wood consumes only 10% of the energy required to heat or cool a conventional steel building. We use solar power to heat 98% of our water, and our vehicles run on propane (LPG) which reduces CO2 emissions and emits no particulate matter.

We design eco-friendly products.

Beringer designs products to have a virtually unlimited service life. Worn parts can be replaced and are 99% recyclable. We produce 98% of our products in France, within 200 miles of our home office, reducing transportation needs and stimulating local economies.

We practice ethical economics.

Beringer does not award contracts based on "lowest-cost" and does not outsource. We choose our partners — suppliers, subcontractors, banks, clients — based on ethical criteria, not just cost. We seek to prevent our products from being used in applications that could intentionally threaten human life.

We respect human dignity in the workplace. 

Beringer team members work in optimal conditions following the regulations of OIT (International Work Organization).

We do not compromise on quality.

Beringer practices procedures that the EASA certifies, such as the Design Approval Organization and the Production Approval Organization (Part 21G), and commits to earning the trust of our clients by providing the highest quality parts. We offer a lifetime warranty (liability insurance) on materials and craftsmanship on all our products.