Shipping Policy

For items that are in stock, please allow 3-5 business days for orders to ship. For international orders, please allow 5 -7 business days. All orders may ship SIGNATURE REQUIRED unless otherwise specified.

Insurance Against Loss or Damage.

Parcels valued less than $2,000 USD: Each parcel carries $100.00 insurance against loss or damage. If you require higher coverage, it is your responsibility to request it when placing the order.

Parcels valued $2,000 USD or more:  Each parcel valued $2,000 USD or more will be insured against loss or damage in an amount equal to the full value of the maximum quantity of goods expected to be transported by the shipping carriers at any one time, and the charge for the coverage will be included in the shipping cost.  You may request that Beringer Aero USA NOT insure the order, however, in doing so you agree that Beringer Aero USA is NOT responsible for any loss or damages that may occur during transit.


Shorted Merchandise

Open and examine all packages promptly.  Notify Beringer Aero USA within 14 days, noting any discrepancies in the order.  If the merchandise is received in damaged condition or the carrier fails to deliver the entire shipment as shown on the packing slip and invoice, report this to the shipping carrier driver.


Shipments to Shipping-Freight Forwarders and Hand Carry

If a shipping-freight forwarding service or hand-carrying is used to ship items internationally, the following applies:


  • Beringer Aero USA won't be responsible for damage, defect, material difference, or loss that occurs to goods after they're delivered to you or a shipping-freight forwarder. This means that Beringer Aero USA isn't able to provide a replacement or a refund for any shipment taken outside of the U.S. by hand-carrying or using a shipping-freight forwarding service.  If ordering from Beringer Aero USA to deliver to a U.S shipping address, you should refuse the delivery of these goods if they arrive damaged and instruct shipping-freight forwarders to do the same.


  • If you (or a shipping- freight forwarder you so designate) have a U.S. address, purchase goods from Beringer Aero USA to be shipped to a U.S. location, and then subsequently export these goods, you or the designated shipping-freight forwarder are considered the exporter of these goods. You or the designated shipping-freight forwarder are solely responsible for compliance with all export and import regulations, including all U.S. export regulations and the import regulations of the destination country.  Beringer Aero USA must not be listed on any export documentation (e.g., export declarations, invoices, packing lists, air waybills, etc.).  It is your responsibility to ensure the shipping-freight forwarder's most up-to-date U.S. address is used.


  • International return labels will not be issued for items exported through a shipping-freight forwarder or hand carry.